I don't like to talk about my work and my daily struggles

I try to think visually and to look at our regular lives as fodder for artistic process output.

There are no rules to make art — maybe just one, you need to work, work and work hard every day. When I make art I try show reveal things about my dream that others may find appalling, weird, boring, or so stupid. Sometimes when I stay behind a mirror I think I'm abnormal or I'm still trying to hack into the world. Fine. When I work, I feel sick. So, usually, I think like None of this is any good. It makes no sense. But art doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t even need to be good.

I always try to forget about making things that are understood. Imagination is my meal; gives me a daily power to love — love of doing something like art. The Artist of Everyday Life? When I think of this question it's not the artists who are weird but the society in which we live that's strange. The society needs a mirror to see itself. We don't know how to reflect. The artist tries to do this but that's why he's a strange being.

The struggle becomes learning how to draw and how to master the knack of drawing in the shadows. I'm not trying to show anyone anything. I'm just trying to create my own reality. I feel like I'm in a room alone with my thoughts. I rather stay hidden, shrouded in darkness. I stare at the dark space, arms crossed over my chest, and when I look back to see my footprints, I realize I'm still there.

My current inspiration comes from surrealism. I find nothing more inspiring than being out in the open with my materials and equipment, face-to-face with human imagination. I very like reading SF and horror books. I always when working on lessening music - this is my second passion. So, please join to my imagination world!

Jakub DK